What to do to test the sharpness or bluntness of your kitchen knives

You are better off using a sharp knife in the kitchen. A blunt knife makes work much harder and reduces not only productivity but also efficiency in the kitchen. It is impossible and unsafe to use blunt knife to cut and prep ingredients required to make meals. Before determining whether your knife is sharp or blunt, you first need to know what a sharp knife looks like. Using your thumb to test the sharpness of the knife might be a popular strategy yet full of risks.

For the most part, you have to use the knife to determine whether it is sharp enough and ready to use in the kitchen safely and efficiently but what you need to know is where to buy a good kitchen knife where to buy a good kitchen knife. At times, you might feel the urge to sharpen the knife for the sake of it instead of waiting until the edges grow blunt. There is no need for investing in the latest technology to test the knife. Everything that you need to test your knife’s sharpness is readily available in the house.

You have a plethora of options regarding testing the knife for sharpness. The best ways to test the sharpness of knives include:

a)      Cutting through paper

This is one of the most common tests to ascertain the sharpness or bluntness of a knife. If the knife has no difficulty slicing through the paper, be ready to use it in the kitchen because of its sharpness. If the knife catches and tears the paper, then it needs to undergo fresh sharpening. What you need to remember is that sharpness comes in various levels, but a sharp knife should have no trouble cutting through paper effortlessly.

b)     Slicing through a page of a magazine that you rolled up

Magazines are printed on thin and glossy papers, which are hard to catch and cut with the edge of your knife. The thin and glossy papers are a bit trickier to cut. The test should prove to you whether the knife is able to slice through the magazine effortlessly. Folding the magazine page before testing it in this manner will give you an idea regarding the actual sharpness. If the knife cuts through rolled page effortlessly, you can use it to shave that annoying beard from your face.

c)      Finger nail trick

This test involves using your index finger. Stick the finger nail out. Lay the knife edge on the fingernail of the index finger gently until the two are perpendicular to each other. If the knife is able to bite into the fingernail without applying any pressure without sliding around, have no doubts regarding its sharpness. While testing the knife using this method, try to be as careful as possible because an overly sharp knife might cause damages to your finger or fingernails.

 d)     Biting, without sliding, into the paper-like skin of an onion

An onion has a very slippery and thick skin. Cutting through this skin can be a tough task for any type of knife, regardless of the level of its sharpness. A sharp knife should have little difficulty in not only catching, but also biting in the skin of any onion. If your knife is able to do this, have no worries regarding its sharpness. If the knife is unable to do this task, then it is time you begin considering ways of sharpening it fast.

Lastly, you may also check the sharpness of your kitchen knife by using it to shave the hair from your arms. On the other hand, this trick might sound a bit unhygienic considering the fact that you need the knife to prepare ingredients required for cooking meals. Slicing papers, cutting onion skins, the fingernail trick and slicing the phone book or rolled magazine papers can prove to you whether the knife is sharp enough and ready for use in the kitchen or not.


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