The days of maps and atlases as a means for navigation seem to be subsiding into history, being taken over by the modern day navigational systems provided by satellite GPS devices which electronically and digitally make moving around significantly easier. Motorcycles are no exception to this and whilst many modern day cars may come with built in satellite navigational systems, motorcycles don’t generally have this feature and as a result any motorcyclist would have to purchase such as device in order to reach a destination.

Motorcycles are quite limited in terms of space and accessibility and as a result any satellite navigation system designed for a motorcycle needs to take into consideration how to best suit the drivers accessibility and spacing needs like where to put the motorcycle GPS mount. There needs to be an external mount of some sort that enables the device to be solid, sturdy, and visible. There are many devices which have Bluetooth connectivity which allows the rider to listen to instructions and directions inside the helmet and the screen needs to be particular so not being too large and taking space, but also not too small so the driver would struggle to see the screen. Being external and like everything else on a motorcycle, the device would need to be waterproof, and not easy to damage.

There are many brand names that have been market leaders in the satellite navigation market for many years and it is no surprise to see them at the forefront for the GPS devices designed specifically for motorcycles. The TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS navigation unit is perhaps the current leader in the international market for motorbike satellite navigation systems. It has a really fast processor and a five inch touch screen that works even with motorcyclist gloves on. The maps are regularly updated and it has options for points of interest as well as memory settings for previous destinations. This model has a very good battery life which is extremely important in such a device and is waterproof and Bluetooth connective as should be.

One of the main competitors to the TomTom rider is the Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS motorcycle navigator. This is the latest in a long line of models created by Garmin and this model comes with a four point three inch screen which is touch screen which is still very visible in direct sunlight and the superfast processor allows quick rerouting and decision making whist also having an added bonus of three dimensional landmarks for added ease of use. This device can also be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth which allows you to make and receive telephone calls through the device which would certainly be handy to a rider. Then there is an even bigger incentive with the ability to listen to music whilst driving, but the hefty price for this device can be off putting.

There are many other devices on the market that offer similar features to the above example satellite navigational systems, but if there is the ability to afford these then the best option is to purchase a recognised brand device as the durability, longevity, quality, and usability of these devices are far superior and trustworthy and for a motorcyclist the reliability of such a device may be paramount in any certain situation.


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